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Asbel…Asbel, no. Leave the cows alone. xD

"Wait, why is there snow on the ground after it was 70 degrees yesterday?" -Me waking up and momentarily forgetting I live in New England -_-

Cronica Angelorum Volume 2

"Taking pity upon mankind and his folly, the Goddess Martel sent unto the world a boy to serve as her agent. He brought the warring nations to accord, sealed away the Desians, and restored peace to the world. Yet it was too late to save the great tree, whose branches had forever withered. Mana was lost to the world. So spoke the king of Tethe’alla: ‘As penance for bringing war upon this land, we will leave it for all time.’ Upon hearing those words, Mithos drew upon the divine power of Martel to erect a tower that reached the heavens. The people of Tethe’alla scaled it, never halting their march until they had come to live upon the moon. The king of Sylvarant spoke thusly: ‘Let us construct a portal to link our worlds. That we may not forever lose our bond with our brothers of Tethe’alla.’ Hearing honest love and contrition in the king’s plea, Mithos once more called upon the power of the Goddess. Serving as her instrument, he created a great stone gate that would open only when the moon was full."

Cronica Angelorum Volume 1

"In the beginning, a vast and timeless tree grew at the heart of the world. From its branches grew an endless crop of mana, primordial element of all life. Its leaves thrummed with a boundless, vibrant energy. Humankind harnessed that mana, that energy, and ruled over the world as gods. Mana begat the study of magitechnology. Magitechnology, in turn, begat war. The two great nations, Sylvarant and Tethe’alla, shared naught in common but a bitter mutual hatred. As their war progressed it drained the great tree of its life and mana. But even as the world tree withered, mankind would not hear of peace. In time, their war gave rise to the Desians, a race of blind and hateful greed. They drove the world to its knees, and nearly extinguised all life upon it."


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They really need to change the name…